What fees do you charge?

Check here for our pricing page

What is your card transaction limit?

Our card transaction limit is $1500 per transaction. This means that for each transaction the limit is $1500. If you need to raise this limit please reach out to us.

How do I open an account with Plumter?

You can open your account by visiting our website, Plumter.com and click on sign up to complete your registration.

Do you have an app on Playstore or Applestore?

At the moment we're only on web but we're working on our app which can be downloaded on Playstore (Android) or App store (iOS)

Why do you need my BVN?

Plumter users are required to provide their BVN during the registration process so we can verify their identity and also prevent fraud on their account. In verifying your BVN, we match your registration details with the information on the national BVN database.

Is my money safe with Plumter?

Yes, your money is safe with us. We secure all accounts with bank-grade encryption.

How can I fund my dollar card?

You can fund your dollar card by tapping fund dollar card from your dashboard. Type the amount you want to fund your card with (naira or dollars), our system automatically fund your account with appropriate amount.

What is your exchange rate?

Our exchange rate is prevailing market rate. You can check your dashboard for today's rate. You will also see the rate before you do any transaction the requires conversion.

How can I get my account statement?

We're still building out this feature which allows you to print account statement from your dashboard but you can see your card transaction history by hitting view cards, then click to view dollar card then Activity. On the activity tab, search a desired transaction date.

How many cards can I create at a time?

You can't create multiple cards on Plumter for now, you can only create a single card at a time. One user, one card.

Why is my card being rejected or declined?

Plumter card works virtually on all the website it has been tested. Read here for what to do if the card isn't working well. Please contact our support team for further assistance.

I need help, how do I contact support?

If you can't find answers to your questions, you can chat with us by using the chat service on our website. You can also reach us via:

  1. Email - [email protected], [email protected]

  2. Twitter - @plumterHq

  3. Instagram - @plumterHq

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