On Plumter we are serious about protecting your money and your identity against fraudsters 🔒

On Plumter we have strict KYC requirements to protect you, your money, and your identity from hackers, and scammers. We also require some of these data because of regulations against money laundering.

Apart from verifying your phone number and your BVN (for Nigerians), there are two main KYC forms that you will need to complete.

  1. Your unexpired ID (either International Passport or Drivers' License)

  2. A proof of Identity where you need to submit a selfie of yourself holding a unique code which the app will generate for you.

Here's how to submit your KYC on Plumter:

  1. For level 1, go to the "KYC" tab. Click "Do KYC Level 1". Then, fill the form by uploading a valid ID and filling the other data. Hit the "Submit details" button.

  2. For "Proof of Identity," go to the "KYC tab". Click on "Protect Your Identity". You will see a unique code. Write the code clearly on a piece of paper. Take a selfie of yourself holding the paper and your ID and your face clearly showing. Upload the image.

  3. Once you've completed the two steps above, your KYC will be verified in a matter of minutes and all restrictions on your account will be lifted.

Remember, you cannot do international transfers without both KYC levels completed ✔️

Feel free to reach out to us via our live chat if you have any issues.

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