Plumter is the smoothest and fastest way to send money abroad!

It's really easy and the best part is it is entirely free of charge!

Here's how to send money abroad with Plumter:

  1. Click "Send money" or "pay someone"

  2. Click "To Europe, Africa, Asia or the UK" or "To China" or any other region of your choice.

  3. Select the country you want to send to and press "continue".

  4. Select source to send from (You can send from your naira or dollar wallet)

  5. Type in how much you want to send or how much you want the person to receive, then click "continue"

  6. Fill in recipient details

  7. On the next screen, confirm that everything is accurate and input your PIN

  8. Press "send"

And that's it! Recipient should get the money in a matter of minutes 🥳

Note: To send money abroad, you must have completed all our KYC requirements.

Learn about our KYC requirements here

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