At Plumter we are serious about securing your money and you should be too.

Keeping your money safe is our utmost priority. Our team works tirelessly daily to protect your funds from rogues who are looking to take away your hard-earned money.

Part of the measures we've put in place is a 6-digit PIN that helps to ensure that you're the one performing a transaction.

You will need a PIN to do transactions

To send money abroad, or to send money to other Plumter users, or to buy airtime or pay bills, you will need a PIN

Without a PIN you will not be able to do transactions

We've disabled any kind of payments or money sending activities for users who have not created a PIN. Only thing such users will be able to do is fund their own dollar cards.

Note: Your 6-digit PIN is not your card PIN.

Your 6-digit PIN has nothing to do with your card on Plumter and is not your card PIN. It is simply for securing transactions you do with your naira and dollar wallets on Plumter

Don't know how to create a PIN?

Learn how to create a PIN here

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