Remember, your Plumter virtual dollar card is like a real bank card and you need to keep it secure always 🔒

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Never ever share your password or PIN with anyone.

  2. We at Plumter will never ask you for your password or PIN, so anyone requesting that from you is a scammer and should immediately be reported.

  3. Keep the numbers on your card secure hidden somewhere. Better still, only view them when you absolutely need to.

  4. Do not use your card on platforms that are not secure or do not have the padlock button in the web address tab.

  5. You can always freeze your card on the Plumter dashboard if you feel like it has been compromised. This will stop it from working everywhere.

  6. You can unfreeze the card later if you feel like it is now safe to use.

Reach out to us immediately if you feel like your account has been compromised and we will work with you to secure it.


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